"I didn't have the choice if I wanted to live, neither did you." ~My Brain Greetings. A little bit about me, Senior, 18 Years old, I enjoy gaming, acting, writing, animating & being your mom's enjoyment.

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Official art from the latest GW2 events, daaaamn

Vintage & Nature Blog
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The white shining armour. Logan is looking good in this one.
EDIT: Fixed some small obvious stuff, like making his nose look a nose and made sure the pinky finger wasn’t the hugest finger and some other small stuff. Can’t wait to finish it together with yo guys tomorrow.
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Vintage & Nature Blog
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Loading into Lion’s Arch


  • logs in
  • selects character
  • begins loading in

    aw shit, lions arch

  • goes to grab a snack
  • grabs a drink
  • loadin into lion’s arch still
  • changes out of work clothes
  • loadin still
  • feeds pets
  • feeds self
  • loadin
  • go to bathroom
  • do hair
  • take nap
  • eat again
  • log in on different computer 
  • run arah
  • still loading lion’s arch
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shout out to all my homies who also deal with their depression by trying to make people laugh a lot, because you think it’s the only way you can make any sort of happiness, that are really fucked up over this. this is hitting way too close to home and i fucking feel you

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Vintage & Nature Blog
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am I the only one who thinks Hot Topic spams the shit out of everybody’s emails?